REC First Aid (2 Day)

  • £125.00 (£120.00 internet price)
  • 8 hours

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Triangular Bandage

First Aid Kit

Using an AED

The Rescue Emergency Care 2 Day course is run either at Blairvadach Outdoor Centre in Rhu, or at The Climbing Centre in Ibrox.

This course covers all the important aspects of basic first aid, and applies it to active sports and more remote situations. While some of the course is delivered indoors, we take every opportunity to use the climbing areas for scenarios, and head outside on the second day, to spend time in an outdoor environment covering further aspects and more scenarios.

The REC 2 day First Aid Course is suitable for validating outdoor NGB qualifications: MLS, CWA, SPA, BCU, RYA, BASI, MBL etc.

During the course the following aspects will be covered:


Emergency: vital signs,  emergency action,  airway,  unconscious,  choking,  bleeding,  breathing and circulation,  CPR

Injury: head,  spine,  chest,  abdomen,  pelvis,  bones,  soft tissue,  eye.

Rescue: transportation,  communication.

Environment: heat stress,  cold stress,  hot injuries,  cold injuries.

Illness: chest pain,  stroke,  asthma,  epilepsy,  diabetes,  poisoning

First Aid Kit Contents

This 2 day course will be based at GCC or based at Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre in Rhu, an amazing venue for outdoor first aid, with a lots of different areas to set up scenarios in:

Carpark area for RTAs

Beach for watersports.

Indoor Climbing Wall

We will spend time in a classroom situation and use the grounds of the centre for scenario work. Please dress appropriately for being outside all day in any weather.