Glasgow Climbing Centre Birthday Parties Rock!

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    (£0.00 telephone price)
  • Pay for the first 6 participants. For more, pay £40 for an extra instructor and just £10 for each additional participant. See drop down for costs.

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Hold your next birthday with us!

• Suitable for anyone aged 7 and up!


• Runs for one hour and 45 minutes at a maximum ratio of 1:6 – but with up to 42 participants and seven instructors!

• All equipment hire is provided and everyone is safe and fully supervised by our trained instructors.

• Everyone is occupied throughout the session, either enjoying climbing or participating in belaying – holding the other end of the rope.

• The centre is a converted church building, so if you and your group are feeling brave, enquire about abseiling from the spire!

  • NEW – You can now book more flexibly. For groups of more than 6, you can just pay for the additional participants. ie: 6 participants = £100.00.   8 participants = £100 + the cost of an additional instructor (£40) + £10 per individual = £160.

Please call if you would like more info.

Party Food

To enquire about food, email the cafe at , or to have a look at our birthday party menu, click here.

Party Invitations

If it helps, you can use our invites. just open this PDF, personalise and print!

Full Availability

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Glasgow Climbing Centre and Coronavirus. We have closed or booking system while we discuss the announcement yesterday by the government. We will post our conclusions on our website by 4pm today 17/03/2020 We wish all of our customers good health and hope that we will see you climbing with us soon.

Kids love climbing stuff! With this fully instructed party, your group will get a chance to climb all sorts of walls. We will look after your group for 1 hour 45 mins (to save you climbing the walls!) and provide all the safety kit needed. Climbing challenges minds as well as bodies, and our walls offer a range of difficulties to be inclusive and challenging.