NICAS 4+5 Club

  • £15.00 Save £2 on line
    (£17.00 telephone price)
  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • For young experienced climbers (working on NICAS Level 3 or higher) from 7-17 yrs

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NICAS Advanced Club is for young people who have completed levels 1 -3 of the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) and wish to progress through levels 4 to 5 of the scheme. The instructors will be on hand to develop the kids climbing skills whilst monitoring and updating their log books. NICAS helps to provide focus, structure and progression to the kids climbing sessions.   As with all of our individual clubs, booking is limited to enable regular participants to book weekly. Please note that these sessions are only available to kids who have completed levels 1 – 3 of NICAS. If your child enjoys climbing and would like to start NICAS, talk to us next time you are in. NICAS Have put together a great video:

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Glasgow Climbing Centre and Coronavirus. While we reopened the centre for climbers on the 30th Oct, we are yet to restart any instructed activities. We hope to be in a position to bring courses and clubs back soon. We wish all of our customers good health and hope that we will see you climbing with us soon.