Pitch Black FOOD For 1

  • £27.00
    (£27.00 telephone price)
  • 1 hour 45 minutes

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This year’s Pitch Black is on track to be the biggest and best yet!

Now you have booked the climbing, let’s think about the important stuff. What will keep you fueled during your epic climbathon?

The Balcony has got your back, with fantastic food served throughout the night.

3 courses, a hot drink and a snack.

The night is divided into 3 time slots. Each time slot has 3 delicious meals to choose from. Order a dish for each slot, and then come up and get it, so you can maximise your climbing (and point scoring) time!

You know the score with our cafe, everything is prepared fresh, so we need your order in advance, to buy the raw ingredients! Price now is £22, but it will bump up at 12 lunchtime on TUE , so get your order in quick!

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