School Traverse Walls

If you think your school or organisation would benefit from having their very own climbing wall then please contact Derek on 0141 427 9633. We install high quality Traverse Walls that comply with European standards for playground equipment. “Traversing” is a term used in climbing, meaning that you climb across rather than up. Going across takes just as much skill, strength and agility as going up. Professional climbers regularly use traverse walls to hone their skills. It is a safe yet exciting way to climb and is specially suited to children, as their feet are never more than 40 centimetres off of the ground!

A traverse wall comprises of hand holds and foot holds that allow children to traverse across a wall. It provides a great way for children to exercise and is hugely popular in school playgrounds. The climbing holds are fixed directly onto existing internal or external walls, so no special preparation is required.

The design includes a band of footholds approximately 40 centimetres from ground level, a gap of 1.5 metres between foot holds and hand holds and finally a band of hand holds to approximately 2.25 metres high. On average there are 7 to 8 holds per linear metre. With footholds no more than half a metre above ground level, there is no requirement for safety matting or special supervision!

What do traverse walls cost? Walls start from approximately £800.00 plus vat, depending on the length of wall, your site and location. Contact Derek to discuss your specific requirements and for a customised.

Please contact for more information. Mobile: 07901 711 045 Office: 0141 427 9633